I’m just one of you! These are my personal opinions, but know I don’t take myself more seriously than any of you. I started this so I could write what you would write, just maybe in a different way. Please skip to point 2 if you have limited time. As founder of this site, I’ve got an opinion the same as the rest of you. Here, I share my, and maybe your, vision about the system.

Get inspired and join us in The Counter of Hope to create the biggest number ever !

Only a few families—far less than the mentioned “1%”—would love to keep the current system because they don’t see that there are far more advantages in sharing their wealth.

For example, free education helps fight against the environment, free medication helps fight against diseases traveling across borders, free money would bring out the best in all people where they would be free from uncomfortable and sometimes inhumane compromises in trying to make ends meet. 

To continue this situation the system is made to keep the whole population quiet.
So they made sure about everyone is happy being able to pay the bills, making the small progress which was the target of the week, the month or the year. They flee from reality during the weekend or days off under the influence of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs and once the weekend is over, they get back in the robot modus system like the system wants them.
Being part of the destruction of the world, because not waking up. Not feeling or thinking how to get out of this situation. This is in my opinion
 how the world got fooled in the system now. It’s about how Western people were dealing before with the Red Indians and the Aboriginals before. That’s how they fool all the people in the system now, everyday.

With this site, I hope we can create trust. I hope we can give hope where at the moment, fear leads man’s emotions. This fear is afraid of letting refugees in and is allowing the system to “protect” with the weapon industry.mA creation of fear to abuse YOUR vote in a democratic system that isn’t actually democratic at all. 

Democracy is abused, majority of the world is excluded, and people are living in inhumane circumstances. That is NOT what democracy is about. You are the tool to keep it going like it is…or not.

Let’s unite and wake up on  

I started this site to find a way, a small chance, to create the biggest number ever. If this happens, the few who rule the system will understand we won’t take it anymore. We will start to boycott them, working together to compete with them, disobeying the system so they will comply to our united needs. They will not give up, but once we have a large enough collective voice, we can start the dialogue.

So let’s unite! 
And if you have a better network or better ideas, feel free to share.
I will join you and ask everyone on this platform to follow you.
It is ultimately not about this site or me, it’s about creating a tool to get together and unite for power to the people instead of to the happy few.


  • Just 42 people own the same amount of wealth as the poorest 50 percent worldwide, a new study by global charity Oxfam claimed’’ (CNBC, Januari 22, 2018)

Statistics :


Net worth (USD, march 2018)



Source of wealth

1. Jeff Bezos

$112 billion




2. Bill Gates

$90 billion




3. Warren Buffett

$84 billion



Berkshire Hathaway

4. Bernard Arnault

$72 billion




5. Mark Zuckerberg

$71 billion




6. Amancio Ortega

$70 billion



Inditex, Zara

7. Carlos Slim

$67.1 billion



America Movil, Grupo Carso

8. Charles Koch

$60 billion



Koch Industries

9. David Koch

$60 billion



Koch Industries

10. Larry Ellison

$58.5 billion



Oracle Corporation



  • We make your project our project. Some of you will support us in the form of email, while others may go farther to communicate your dreams to inspire and help raise the number.
  • We invite you to do things with freedom, in your own way.
  • Soon, we will invite everyone to gather together at 3p every first Sunday of the month, in town squares around the world in peaceful, silent protest.
  • Soon, one-liners will appear that mention how many die in the few seconds you read this text, f.i. because of malaria, because there is no access to medicine, because of hunger or because of what happens on the planet, which we, the majority, want to change!

We make our project your project. Next to asking to join us just by your mail some of you might communicate their dream to inspire and  inspire to rise the number.
We invite you to do things your way in freedom. No end of editorial about nothing.

  • Soon we will invite people to come together every first Sunday every month at 3pm on all squares of the world, in peace, in silence, without any loud protest.
  • Soon one-liners will appear which mention how many die in the few seconds you read this text, f.i. because of malaria, once there is no medicine, or because of hunger or because of whatever happens on the planet, which the majority wants to change.


  • Every radical shift for the world starts with a dream. By Mahatma Gandhi
  • By dreaming a dream together we create a new reality. By John Lennon
  • When many people dream the same dreams they manifest themselves. By Martin Luther King